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Addressing the issues that impact our community

Protect Our Environment

Current leadership in the Occoquan District made irresponsible decisions that put our community on a dangerous path that will inevitably destroy our environment.

This includes a direct threat to the drinking water that flows into our homes and schools. We must protect our beautiful environment, the Occoquan River Basin that provides drinking water for our families; and ensure that all new development in the county is diligent in minimizing negative impact to the ecosystem and environment.

I will work to protect our environment and always listen to community input as we work together to safeguard our environment and ensure our drinking water is safe!

Lower Cost of Living

Today families in our community are being squeezed by an increased cost of living. Inflation has caused everything from groceries, to gas, and energy to be more expensive.

In addition to year-over-year increases to the real estate taxes we pay, residents also pay several new taxes, including a 4% tax imposed on all prepared meals and even some groceries we purchase. We must bring financial relief to our community by reducing the enormous tax burden currently placed on families and looking for ways to maximize efficiency in how government spends.

I will work to drive down the cost of living by eliminating and reducing taxes, making it more affordable to live, work, raise a family, and do business in Prince William County.

Reducing Crime & Increasing Safety

In every part of the Occoquan District our communities have been impacted by the sharp increase in violent crime and the flow of fentanyl into schools and neighborhoods.

Our current leadership has ignored this issue and the pleas of families to take action. We must invest in solving these problems and make our communities safe to live, work and play in. We need to invest in the police department to recruit and retain the most-qualified officers; partner with community leaders to increase community policing efforts and provide resources for those struggling with substance abuse in order to eliminate the flow of this dangerous drug.

Together we will proactively respond to this spike in crime, stop the flow of fentanyl into our schools, and make our neighborhoods safe

Fix Our Roads

Broken promises have left our roads more dangerous, and our commutes are just as long and congested.

We’ve heard for years that plans were being made to bring traffic relief to the Old Bridge corridor. Unfortunately, our main thoroughfare remains ranked the worst traffic hot spot in Northern Virginia. Our commutes are still long, the roads are still dangerous, and traffic is clogged on Old Bridge and other roads every day.

I’ll work to decrease congestion and make traffic flow efficient and safe. I will take decisive action, partner with our transportation experts and community members to fix our roads!

Join Justice For Occoquan!